Saturday, May 07, 2005

May 6th - €50+€10 NL Hold'Em - Fitzwilliam (Dublin)

Its a tough old game. At the break I was the probable chip leader with over 20k in chips but once the break had come and gone the hands dried up and I couldn't win any toss-up hands in order to progress to the final table.

I did get VERY lucky with one hand. Holding Ac Kc I flat called a 3000 opening raise from across the table and saw a flop of A-J-7 rainbow. My opponent checked, I bet 5000, he went all-in, I called for all my chips (some 19k) and he flips 7-7 for a set. Oh dear!

The turn card is a TEN and the river card a QUEEN giving me the most unlikely straight in history of my Hold'Em career. So...upto 40K in chips and you would have though life was easy. Nope! I lost 5k when my 6-6 went up against Q-7 and a Q fell.

Lost 8K when my Ac 9c went up against K-T and a King flopped and my last 17K raising all-in with Ah 3h on the SB. The BB decided to call with KQ and guess what...a KING fell on the flop and I was toast in 14th place!

For all those of you who read these 'diaries' you'll know just just how it feels. There are just TOO many traps and COIN TOSSES to win in order to be a success at this game. All we can do is to keep on trying!

83 Entries - 14th - Win $0 - Loss - $143 (1 rebuy) - Acc Total -$332.50


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