Monday, May 02, 2005

May 1st - €50+€10 NL Hold'Em - Fitzwilliam (Dublin

Perhaps Hold'Em isn't my game after all? I'm suffering so many beats at the moment I'm really getting fed up with it all. It must give me some kind of massocistic pleasure to keep spending all my spending money on tournaments that I can't ever seem to do better than half way in! I was watching an episode of the World Poker Tour this afternoon where Dan N. calls a $2M all-in bet with K-7 on a 4-6-7 flop against Humberto Brenes and his 8-7. Not for Danny boy does he have to suffer an EIGHT coming off the deck or HB having a higher pair. No siree! In my life though it never is that simple. Last night I had a total amateur calling me all the way to the river on a J-J-6-4 flop with nothing but a pair of 2's. I had T-T and when a 2 appears on the river its rebuy time! I got T-T again later on. With 3 callers before me I raise to 1300. No passes. The flop comes 3-5-7 2 clubs. All check to me and I bet 3000. 'Raise' comes a voice, 'another 10K'. Figuring he'd make this bet with a high flush draw I call. He flips 7-7 and, as usual at the moment, I'm not lucky enough to pull a TEN out of the fire and I'm heading home. Its just TOO dangerous out there people!!

77 Entries - 44th - Win $0 - Loss - $273 (3 rebuys) - Acc Total -$189.50


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