Friday, May 20, 2005

May 19th - €50+€5 NL Hold'Em - Red Cow Hotel (Dublin)

Sixteen hands is all it took tonight for me to be blown out of the water. Mind you...with a round of the table taking 40 minutes to complete because of the inexperienced dealer I was there almost 2 hours!!

The first defining hand was when I got 99 in the hole and raised to 800. Some kid went all-in for 2200 and when it was time for 'on their backs' he flipped 22 and scored all my chips when a set appeared for him on the river. I

t was then an all-in fest wherever possible and people were playing with all-sorts! My 16th and final hand came when holding 55. I dumped all my 2100 in chips into the middle, get 5 callers, and see a flop of Ac-8s-7s-6s-7d win with a player holding As-2s. The rest were holding QQ / AT / A6 and a pair of 4's. Ah was that kind of tournament!!

206 Entries - ??? - Win $0 - Loss - $136.50 (1 rebuy) - Acc Total -$509.11


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