Friday, June 09, 2006

June 8th - £20+£2 NL Hold'Em - Grosvenor (Luton)

Its not often I walk into Aces but then again I don't suppose it happens that often to anybody!

Tonights £20 NL game at Luton was a quiet affair with 35 runners producing around the £2800 mark in prize money. Most of the Luton regulars were no doubt up at Walsall where a large festival is taking place this week.

My spendies tonight was £62 (one rebuy & one top-up) in big contract to last Thursdays free-for-all but at the break I had just short of 5000 so I wasn't TOO concerned.

With only 135k chips in play you only needed around 15k to be average at the final table so it was no big leap to get there...but of course it was!

A couple of nicely played pots and I'm upto 6k before you know it. Antes were 200/400 when this hand came up...

I'm one off the button and get Jc 9s. No great hand but before it got to me there were already 5 people in the pot for the BB so, given my chunky chip stack, I thought I'd get agressive in the hope that everyone might fold so raised all-in!

Its passed around to one play who calmly asks me how much the raise is (5675) and then calls. Oops!

Of course he flips A-A and dspite the flop giving me a sniff of a chance when it comes 10-7-4 I can't find an eight that would save me from the exit door.

Slow playing Aces is fine in EP but the guy had seen 2 people flat call before it even got to him!

Oh well..back to the drawing board.

Entries -> 35 - Place -> 27th - Loss -> £62 ($115) Profit/Loss for 2006 -> +$12870


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