Monday, July 24, 2006

July 22nd - £300+£30 NL Hold'Em - Big Slick Club (Croydon)

One hundred and twenty runners in the £300 FREEZOUT event at the Big Slick club in S. Croydon this Saturday night and guess what...I was 1st!!

Errrr...1st out that is!

I can't remember the last time that happend to me but I suppose after tonight the only way is up.

With a 10k starting stack and a 40 minute clock it looked like it could have been a long night.

My tournament lasted 6 hands and here they were!

I got sat at seat 4 and with the button placed at seat one it meant my first hand was UTG.

Hand 1: (UTG) Q-8 o/s. - passed. (10000)

Hand 2: (BB) 6h-7h. No raise and five of us saw a flop of 2-3-4. Checked all around. The 7c came off next. I checked. The player to my immediate left bet 250 and was raised to 600 by the button. I passed, as did the original bettor. (9950)

Hand 3: (SB) 9d-10d. Again no raise so I completed the bet and saw a flop of Ah-4d-6s. I checked. A bet came in and I passed. (9900)

Hand 4: (Btn) 9c-10c. (I kid you not!) It was raised to 250 with two callers before it got back to me. I flat called but again some lousy flop and I have to pass (9650).

Hand 5: (Btn-1) Ks-Qd. Being in late position I took the flop along with 3 others for 200. It came Qh-9s-5h. Its checked around to me and I bet 300. I get one caller. Now it situations like this I'm assuming that the caller would be flushing as a) they didn't re-raise me back and b) with 2 hearts out there its a fairly straightforward hand to put my opponent on. The 8s fell on the turn. Again my opponent checked. Suddenly I envisage him having J-10, and a made straight, so instead of pounding the pot (which would be my normal play here giving my opponent no real odds to call his flush) I got a bit trembly and only bet 500. Of course he called. The 8h fell on the river and he immediately bet out 1k. With over 3k in the pot I felt obliged to call and he flipped 10h-7h for the flush! (7650)

Hand 6: (Btn-2) Kc-Kh. There's a raise to 200 from the player to my immediate right. I mini-raised to 500 and he min-raised to 1500. I go all-in. He calls in a flash and flips A-A. How unlucky was I to find a 220/1 hand sat in the same hand as me with K-K. No miracles on a flop of 10-10-2-5-A and I was gone!

In hindsight I was never going to pass K-K (even after the flop) and I don't come across K-K v A-A that often. Lets hope that next time I'm the one with the A-A :)

Entries -> 120 - Place -> 120th - Loss -> £330 ($578) Profit/Loss for 2006 -> +$10648


At 11:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was not very good play, you can call, see the flop and then decide. Early on with deep stacks and a slow structure, KK is not a hand to bust out on. You could have folded on the flop with 5000t left, not that terrible. In a quick structured low buy-in freezeout you must get all in but not the 5th hand of a high buy-in one. I think your play was terrible. Sorry

At 12:33 pm, Blogger ukpoker said...

The problem with K-K is that there's only one hand that can beat you at that moment (A-A).

How could I fold on a flop of 10-10-2?

Lets assume I flat call preflop for the 1500. He's first to bet and bets out 2k on that flop. Can I pass? Not really. Lets assume I flat call again.

Now the turn comes a 5. He bets 3k (my remaining stack). Can I pass? No.

Passing K-K (pre-flop) is pretty much a no-no (I'm not good enough).

Best to lump it all-in and if your opponent calls they call. Of course if this were the WSOP....:)

At 12:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You played ur KK like you was at the Vic in a £20 rebuy.

I hope you rpifle is a joke when it says you wrote a book on how to win at poker !!

You min raise (pathetic), egt min reraised (pathetic) and move all in !! FARCICAL !!


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