Monday, July 17, 2006

July 17th - Back from hols

My two week holiday in Orlando, Florida was nice. My two trips down to the Seminole Hark Rock Casino proved to be fruitless and no dosh could be extracted from my two $240 multi-table tourney attempts!

With 150+ runners at both tournaments these can be quite lucrative but you need to get into the top 18 to get paid and my best place finish was 34th.

Florida is a funny place to play cards. With cash games capped at $1/$2 limits (the rake of 10% per hand makes it impossible to win) the only way to make any money is to compete in the one table tournies which run pretty much constantly.

There are several on offer. The $40+$10 games are held on the automated 'pro-tek' tables. There are two tables permanently on the go here but with only $200 paying for 1st place and a 25% 'fee' to play I avoided these like the plague.

Next up is the $100+$20 then the $200+$25 and the $500+$40. My two attempts at the $200+$25 tables failed with a 6th and a 7th place and that coupled with the two $240 losses made my trips to the casino a bit of a waste.

Mind you there were always the slot machines, hundreds of them, that sucked another $1k out of me during my time there.

Entries ->--- - Place -> --- - Loss -> $930 Profit/Loss for 2006 -> +$11324


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