Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 18th - £20+£2 NL Hold'Em - Grosvenor (Victoria)

Back to the grind and with the WSOP in full swing over in Vegas there wasn't too much surprise to see only 32 souls turn up for the Tuesday night game at the Vic. The weather no doubt had something to do with it as well but I was itching to get going again after my summer hols!

The quick levels (20 mins) and low chip start (1000) don't really give you much time to get creative. Its pretty much ABC poker from the word go so anytime I felt strong I went all-in in the hope of either doubling up or being felted.

First chance I got to play this way was early on when holding 2-2 on the button. Me & 4 callers saw a flop of As-2s-3s. It was checked around to me and I moved all my chips forward. I got a call from the SB who held Ac-Qs but no further spade came to help her out and I'd doubled up!

For the next 45 mins not a lot happened. Other players got chipped up too so come the hand when I hold J-J in LP I knew that if I could double up here I'd be in a nice position for after the break. With blinds at 50-100 I raised to 400 only to be re-raised all-in from across the table. You can't really pass picture pairs on Tues nights so I called expecting A-K or something. He flipped 9-9 and I smiled. First card out was a 9 and I frowned and proceeded to rebuy!

With the add-on at the break I was on 2100 at the restart. I didn't last long. Moved to a new table I got As-9s in EP and raised to 700 (blinds were 100-200). A player from across the table re-raised to 1700 and I went all-in only worrying about one hand...A-A. What did he have? A-A of course! I was home for 10.15pm!!

Entries ->32 - Place -> 25th - Loss -> £62 ($108) Profit/Loss for 2006 -> +$11226


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