Friday, November 02, 2007

Nov 1st - €500 NL Hold'Em - Fitzwilliam Club (Dublin)

A nice field of 40 runners for tonights €500 No Limit event held for charity where €100 from every €500 went towards the charity itself!

Form is a wonderful thing, when you have it! At the moment I don't and I ended up finishing in around 25th place after being unfortunate in a 14k pot when holding A-10. More on that it a mo!

We all started with 7.5k in chips and early doors I couldn't find much to get involved with. What I WAS getting involved with proved to be worthless after the flop so drifted to 6.5k in the first hour.

I then get moved tables and the action started. Holding A-Q I picked up a 5k pot on a board of A-J-10-7 when my big bet on the turn frightened off my opponent. Three hands later this happened...

In MP I get A-10 and limp in for the 200 blinds. Four of us see a flop of A-2-7. A player in the BB bets out 1200 and its on me. I decide that the bet was a feeler bet as there's be no raise from the off so my A-10 was probably strong. I re-raised to 3.5k. Back around to the BB who then shovels all-in for another 3k on top!

I'm pot comitted so call and he flips A-2! Blah! No help and I'm back down to 2.5k.

Just before the break I get a split pot with A-4 against A-Q on a board of A-K-6-6-7 and start level 4 with just over 3k in chips!

Shortly into level 4 I get Q-J and call an all-in bet against A-K. I get lucky on the flop as it comes Q-2-4 but a horrible looking King appears on the turn and I'm gone!

Its been a while since I got paid in tournament play in a 'live' situation. APAT, in Walsall, is next followed by some tournaments at the Seminole Hard Rock Casinio in Tampa, Florida throughout November which I'm thoroughly looking forward to!

Entries -> 40 - Place -> 25th Loss-> £357 Profit/Loss for 2007 -> -£2287(Rate of exchange is calculated at £1 = $2.00 / £1 = €1.40)


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