Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July 3rd - Half time report for 2007!

After filling in my spreadsheet detailing all my 'live' tournaments these past 6 months (see below for link to actual spreadsheet) I find I've made a slight miscalculation as to my winning/losings and, as it stands on June 30th, I'm currently DOWN £106 on the year!

Now lets put that into some sort of perspective...

I've played in 42 'live' tournaments over the past 6 months and paid a sum of £5962 in order to play. My winnings came to £5856. So thats 42 nights out for a shade over £100!

I got to 11 'final' tables (over 25% of tournaments entered) and those of you who play poker on a regular basis in tournaments in casinos and card clubs up & down the land I'm sure you'd be impressed to see that all those nights out have cost me less than £3 a time!

Of course there are those of you that might think 'Pah...wot a load of rubbish', and, if I was a professional where my life depended on it then I'd be inclined to agree. Lucky for me then its not the case as I have a full time job which pays the bills and poker, as my hobby, is just that...win or lose!

Last year I won almost £10,000 by the the time December 31st rolled around. I can't really see anything like that happening this year but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying!

I'm on hols now till mid August so there won't be any more updates till then. Hopefully I'll come back refreshed and ready to go again!

Click on this link for my spreadsheet detailing all my results so far this year!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Jun 30th - £55 NL Hold'Em (Victoria Club) W1

The £55 NL Hold'Em freezeout event drew 63 runners which for the Vic isn't half bad.

The only trouble with the Vic's events though is the poor chip stacks (2k) they give you to start with and the ever increasing blinds in 20 minute intervals. Compare this with the Tuesday night event at the Western and you can see why I prefer the Western!

With only 2k in chips its important to get off to a fast start. My usual plan of play suited connecters doesn't work so well when you're faced with a raise most every hand with players looking to either double through or die.

Through the 1st level I must have played 2 hands and ended up losing both times. My chip stack dwindled to 1200 in fairly short order.

It was then I picked up Q-9 on the button. With blinds at 25-50 (level 2) and with three other 'callers' it was an easy call to make and a flop of Q-Q-2 made it more so.

Of course there's always one player who 'has a go' at taking the pot but why oh why do they always feel the need to bet so much? '500', came the voice from across the table. Now cummon people. Any player WITH a Queen at this stage is either gonna check or call that silly bet for sure!

With action back to me I re-raised him all-in for another 500 or so. 'Can't fold now', he said as he duly called and flipped A-8!! What a donut!

Ok...so my stack is back to 2k and its a minute or so from the end of level 2.

I get A-K in LP and raise it up to 450 in order to thin the field somewhat. I get one caller and a flop of J-2-4.

My sole opponent, whose first to act, decides to put the rest of his chips in. He has me covered by 50 chips!

Of course I'm looking at a pair at least but as it IS important to try and accumulate chips early on I decide to call him and hope to hit an Ace or a King on the remainder of the flop.

He flips K-J with is a bit of a surprise but as I say its a wild ride. I'm praying for an Ace but a Queen followed by a Three sends me home!

Entries -> 63 - Place -> --- Loss-> £55 Profit/Loss for 2007 -> £108

(As from 20th April 2007 rate of exchange is calculated at £1 = $2.00)